From the Founder’s Desk

Our child is both our weakness as well as our greatest strength. As parents, we are fully responsible to give our children enough fertile grounds to grow and perform. The nourishment not only comes from the food or drink the child has, but an education system whereby they can relate to and grow to their optimum. The whole idea is to give each child enough acknowledgements for their doubts. Their innocent questions remain unanswered most of the time, and here we are committed to give them the clarity they are looking for on a particular subject. I remember when I was a child, I often used to get lost in my school classroom. The pace of the learning at times was difficult for me to catch up to. Had not been my special classes after school, I would have been left behind. Today I am really thankful to my tutors who guided me, in that crucial time, and showed me the way. Thus our endeavour is to cater to students, who require this little extra HAND HOLDING, which will ease their path to success. Our purpose of “FOCUSSED SEVEN” is to give your child the wings to fly, with ‘confidence’ so that they are never out of their self esteem because of not knowing a particular subject. Our motive is to give a “focussed approach” to each student, towards a particular subject, along with understanding their doubts, questions and giving them reasonable solutions. One to one monitoring shall be our key objective. We aspire to add some value to the society by providing some good laureates. Nothing will satisfy us more than as “smiling satisfied parent”, and a “happy confident child”.

Rahul Sarkar
B.A. ( H ) English, Delhi University, M.B.A
Former Circle Head – Hindustan Times

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