About Us

We at “Focussed Seven” have a major focus on the quality output by our teachers. All our faculty is well educated and well trained to provide quality education to our students. We have ensured that a proper match is made between technology and talent and the same, benefits all our students. Times have changed. Today a student need not go riding his bicycle to the far away from the coaching center. Today the parents are not worried whether their child will come late from the tuition. Today parents are also not worried whether the teacher in the locality about whom everyone talks about will be able to come to teach their child or not. Today the parents are not worried as what the teacher is teaching behind the closed doors. Today everything is open and transparent. Today a parent can have a first-hand idea of the ‘teaching skills’ of the teachers. Today they are rest assured that the teachers are well trained and well qualified to take up the particular board or syllabus the child is in.

And the best part, it all happens from the comfort of the home.